Cams srl was established in April 2001 with the aim of creating a highly specialised and professional company dedicated to the production, maintenance and sale of systems for the aggregate crushing industry, in particular rubble deriving from construction and demolition, milled asphalt and waste glass processing.

At the time of its establishment, Cams srl also acquired the brand owned by “TEM”, a company operating in the aggregate and glass crushing and recycling industry since 1964. Cams made good use of TEM’s experience and over the years has developed a range of innovative, highly efficient and reliable fixed, mobile and transportable systems, becoming a leading Italian company in the crushing, screening and recycling industry.

Production and the after-sales service are the two cornerstones of the company:

  • Production department: deals with the complete manufacturing process, from the design to the finished product, offering a wide range of options for customising the systems to ensure they meet the needs of its customers; the production cycle is managed entirely in-house supported by a network of highly specialised and qualified suppliers.
  • After-sales service: provides an after-sales service, performs work on sites in Italy and abroad and performs complete overhauls providing highly skilled engineers trained to work on all types of machines, from simple road rollers to more sophisticated pavers, ensuring complete reliability of all vehicles.

CAMS engineers and technicians are constantly striving to provide machinery with increasingly higher levels of performance, capable of producing crushed material at increasingly lower costs and with low maintenance costs.
From an ecological point of view, continuous research with regard to innovation and respect for the environment have led Cams srl to adopt a production system that has further reduced noise and dust emissions. Machinery from the UTS, UTM and Centauro ranges are prime examples: their noise level is so low that they can even be used on sites in residential areas.


Our systems are constantly developed and improved

Our team of qualified technicians are at your disposal

Thanks to years of experience, weguarantee quality and professionalism

Ci occupiamo di riciclaggio inerti dal 1964 con una produzione di impianti sempre più performanti e personalizzabili. 

Sales network

CAMS is equipped to meet the needs of its customers with a vast network of distributors located all over the world. CAMS sells both systems and maintenance and support services in the export market through its own sales network. Please contact us for details of a dealer in your area.