UTS range

The UTS range of systems consists of transportable machines for the crushing and recycling of aggregates, rubble derived from demolition and construction work, milled asphalt and waste glass.

Aggregate crushers from the UTS range are in gauge for transport, making them easy to transport. All of the models have been designed and manufactured in a compact size, making it possible to install them even in areas where space is restricted, perfect for processing material directly on site. They do not require much labour to operate them, in fact they can be managed by a single operator as they are fully automated and can be operated by radio remote control. They are equipped with a hopper with a good size opening making it possible to process different types of rubble, such as beams, pavement curbs, columns, etc. Thanks to the slow speed at which the parts rotate, the UTS range of transportable crushing and recycling systems produce low levels of dust and are subject to limited wear. The maintenance costs and machine down times are kept very low thanks to a patented solution, which allows for quick and easy replacement of the teeth of the milling disks. Distinguished by low consumption and high productivity levels, the UTS aggregate grinders are also equipped with a patented system for hydraulic adjustment of the size of material produced and an integrated metal separation system (iron separator).

Four models

  • UTS 750-2
  • UTH 750-2
  • UTS 1000-2
  • UTS 1200-2
  • UTS 1500-2

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Please download the brochure for further information about the technical characteristics of the various models:

Features and advantages

  • Different crushing programs depending on the type of aggregate to be crushed
  • Integrated metal separation system
  • Full radio remote-control management
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Low acoustic emissions meaning it can be operated within a residential area
  • Practically zero dust emissions, thanks to the slow speed of the rotating parts
  • Very low wear of components
  • Low maintenance costs (patented teeth replacement systems)
  • Only one operator is needed to operate the machine as it is fully automated
  • Compact overall dimensions for in gauge transport
  • Hydraulic adjustment of size of material produced (patented system)
  • High productivity levels

Fields of application

  • Excavated earth and rocks
  • Construction and demolition waste
  • Environmental decontamination
  • Reinforced concrete
  • Vine poles
  • Railroad ties
  • Asphalt slabs
  • Milled material
  • Coal
  • Glass

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