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Cams produces crushing, shredding and screening plants entirely managing all the phases of the production process, from the executive design to the development and the construction of the machines. It carefully monitors every production step, constantly checking the quality of materials and manufacturing processes.

Cams offers its customers ample opportunities to customize the plants so that outstanding feature of each crushing and recycling machine manufactured by Cams the company to become leader in Italy and important international player in the recycling market.

Cams shredding plants enjoy the protection of 20 national and international patents, this is the result of continuous research and development aimed at improving machine performance and reliability while reducing management costs and consumption.

Hybrid or Electric crushing and screening plansEach Cams crushing and screening plant is designed to operate in hybrid mode (diesel/electric) or fully electric. This allows to obtain the maximum versatility of use, low consumption and the possibility of using the contributions provided for the purchase of equipment powered by alternative fuels. Moreover, the continuous research to minimize the environmental impact of the plants over the years have led to the development of a technology capable of significantly reduce the emissions of noise and dust generated by the mills during the processing stage.

Experience, technology and innovation result in 7 product ranges, 22 models, over many years of work and lots of tests and analyses carried out to obtain continuous technological improvements.

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