Cams is always with you

Cams customers can rely on an efficient pre-sales and post-sales service, fast and effective both in Italy and abroad.

Consulting and inspection on site

Cams technicians are at your disposal to guide you in the choice of most suitable crushing, shredding or screening plant for your needs.

Customized plants

We produce crushing and screening plants studied and developed around customer specific needs, giving full attention to the material to be treated and the production requirement. Please read the testimonials of the customer who have chosen Cams customized crushing and screening plant.
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Hybrid/Electric Technology

Hybrid or Electric crushing and screening plansEach Cams crushing and screening plant is designed to operate in hybrid mode (diesel/electric) or fully electric. This allows to obtain the maximum versatility of use, low consumption, reduced environmental impact and the possibility of using the contributions provided for the purchase of equipment powered by alternative fuels.
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Find the right plant

Use our plant search tool to find the best product for your needs [link to page products], insert the activity, the material and the type of plant that you prefer, to find the most suitable machine for your needs.

Spare parts service

More than 10.000 components and spare parts always available and ready for the delivery all over the world. Wirtgen Group

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Media library

Every Cams plant is equipped with use and maintenance media library where are detailed all components of the machine. In case of failure, will be easy and quick the recognition of the needed parts from the customer, speeding up the recovery procedures of the machine.

Review and maintenance - Specialized technicians

Our staff performs maintenance operations on site, in Italy and abroad, guaranteeing the absolutely reliability of each plant thanks to highly skilled technicians frequently updated on all kinds of machine.
Cams teams carry out review and scheduled and extraordinary maintenance
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Remote control

From 2012, we install on our machines a telemetry system for the remote control of the functionality directly from PC or mobile.
This system allows a real-time check of the status of each machine, timely maintenance and quick troubleshooting.


If you want to have proof of the efficiency of Cams machines, or for a short-term need, we offer a rental service.
A machinery completes with each model to meet all requirements of our customers.
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More than 10.000 components ready for delivery

Teams of qualified technicians always at your disposal

Tailor-made solutions for every need