Varia Versilia Ambiente and Cams in the quest for sustainability

New article published on the review PDI "Professional Demolition International", about CAMS and Varia Costruzioni.

Cams Srl, leading player in RAP recycling, and Varia Costruzioni, a leading public works contractor in Tuscany (Italy), have been working together in developing a highly efficient and environmentally friendly asphalt recycling plant.

The partnership led to Cams developing specifically for the Varia companies a custom system that includes a UTS 1000-2 primary crusher and a two-storey UVS 25/2 screen. The plant, highly efficient both in terms of mixing and screening, is able to provide two finished products of different grain size without producing any waste.

CAMS has always been committed to the development of crushing, shredding and screening plants that have the lowest possible environmental impact. The CAMS machines, infact, are equipped with dust and noise abatement systems to keep them below 75dB. 
Each Cams crushing and screening plant is designed to operate in hybrid mode (diesel/electric) or fully electric. This allows to obtain the maximum versatility of use, low consumption and the possibility of using the contributions provided for the purchase of equipment powered by alternative fuels. In addition, the low speed rotation technology of the crushers' shafts, as well as ensuring the quality of recycled materials, requires very low fuel usage and causes little wear of the components significantly reducing maintenance costs.

Read the full article in the attached PDF or on PDI website.


CAMS PDI october 2020

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